Sunday, February 3, 2008

Greenhouse effect stimulates Global Warming

Global warming, which is posing the greatest threat to the world and its people is now the most talked issue among scientists, geologists and weather experts. They are continuously discussing the matter among themselves to find out its causes and remedies. Surveys that have been conducted all over the world by them have pointed out greenhouse effect as the biggest cause of global warming and they are afraid that it is going to rise tremendously in the coming days leading to the rise of average temperature on the surface of the earth.

Speaking about greenhouse effect it has to be mentioned that concentration of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere has identified as the major reason behind the drastic change in the climatic condition of the world. But what is this greenhouse gas and how is it getting concentrated ion the atmosphere. Here greenhouse gas refers to the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. There are several sources that are emitting huge quantity of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

According to scientists Carbon Dioxide which is emitted from the burning of fossil fuel is the most important source of Carbon Dioxide or greenhouse gas. The fuel which is burnt in cars and all other automobile vehicles are ;leading to the concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Scientists are of the opinion that in the recent decades the number of automobile vehicles all over the world has increased rapidly and is likely to increase more. And that is the major matter of concern to them. Though governments in all countries have taken serious measures to reduce air pollution this might not be enough to bring down the level of greenhouse effect as the number of vehicles on the roads are continuously rising.

The Carbon Dioxide which is emitted from the chimney of factories have also been identified as major encouraging factors for greenhouse effect on the global temperature. According to scientists the coal which is burnt in factories are major source of Carbon Dioxide. Besides the fuel burnt in electricity generating plants are also emitting lot of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Apart from that the smoke emitted by airplanes on the sky has also been blamed for encouraging greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. On the other hand Carbon Dioxide emitted from houses specially skyscrapers have also been held responsible for rising the level of concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

However, speaking about greenhouse effect one must mention about the forest fores that are occurring in different parts of the world as a result of high temperature are also adding to the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Besides scientists have also advocated stopping rapid deforestation as it is creating disturbance in the balance of the ecosystem.

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